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Sport is still seen as been something more for the boys, and none more so that Rugby, and thats why the sport is growing so fast both Internationally and in Ireland, and it’s now a major focus for WorldRugby, the IRFU and for clubs across the country

Why Rugby?

Rugby is one of the most diverse sports in the world in terms of skills, personal capabilities and backgrounds and that has created a truly inclusive sport, with a role for everyone and a commitment to respecting all that are involved with the game, including players, coaches and officials. It is one of the only sport that enshrines its values into its laws and demands fairness and equality for all.

Rugby for Personal development

Rugby helps develop self confidence, Team and social support, fitness and Mental resilience making it a perfect fit for the support adolescent Girls need. According to research conducted by Sport Ireland, there are 5 essential anchors in the lives of Adolescent girls and sport can play an essential and central role in delivering each anchor.

How Rugby meets the developmental needs of teenage girls

Blackrock Girls Rugby

Blackrock Rugby club is home to one of the most successful teams in the Irish game and hosts multiple current and past irish and Leinster stars and captains.

The Girls section is lively and very active and boasts current irish internationals amongst it’s Coaching team

Blackrock womens rugby

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